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Name - The Hits
Launched - 30 October, 2002
Closed Date - 15 August 2008
Share - 0.3% (0.6% for The Hits Radio)
Share as of - February 2008
Share Source
Slogan - "Such a good feeling"
Owner - Box Television - (Bauer Verlagsgruppe|Bauer Group/Channel 4)
Website - [1]
Terrestrial Server - Freeview; Channel 18
Satellite Server - Sky Digital (UK & Ireland); Channel 360
Cable Server 1 - Virgin Media; Channel 330
Cable Server 2 - UPC Ireland; Channel 716

The Hits (to be replaced by 4Music on August 15 2008) is a music video television channel in the United Kingdom owned by Box Television.

Overview & AvailabilityEdit

The channel showcases a range of pop centering on chart hits and current favourites. Originally, the vast majority of music videos were selected by viewers by means of calling a premium rate telephone number, however this policy seems to have been recently abandoned with the channel playing an automated selection of videos and countdown shows presented by celebrities and singers past and present. Programming is often themed to coincide with events such as St. Patrick's Day and Christmas.

The channel is available free-to-air on the British Digital terrestrial television service Freeview on channel 18. It is the only pure music video channel operating on the Freeview platform (TMF - a channel owned by chief competitor MTV - and E4 broadcast music videos for only a portion of their schedule). It is also shown on Sky Digital, channel 360, but is encrypted, so that only Sky subscribers can view it. This situation is expected to change when its current satellite carriage contract expires. The Hits is also available on Virgin Media, channel 330, and is included in the basic (TV Size: M) package. It can also be seen through the British Forces Broadcasting Service.

2008 RebrandEdit

On 20 February 2008, it was announced that The Hits was to be replaced by 4Music later in the year, and a trial period broadcast on Sundays under the 4Music banner was broadcast on Sunday evenings during the spring. In June 2008 it was further announced that this replacement was to take place during the V Festival weekend on August 15th. The rebranded station will show predominantly music videos, alongside live performances and Channel 4 programming like Star Stories and The Sunday Night Project, as well as documentaries about artists. In recent weeks, Channel 4 have began airing teaser trailers for the channel as part of it's extensive promotion of the rebrand, airing such quotes as "With all the cunning of a squirrel, and the power of ten wolves... 4Music: The new channel from 4" and "Let us lick your mind... 4Music: The new channel from 4." Channel 4 also named one of the three stages at T4 On The Beach the 4 Music stage. Also, during the T4 On The Beach programming, it advertises; "Do You Party?...4Music...the new channel from 4".

Ofcom ControversyEdit

In November 2007, Ofcom found The Hits had breached broadcast licence for failing to retain copies of its programming. Two viewers had complained questioning the authenticity of some of the winning entries on text-in quiz programme Win Win TV, broadcast overnight on June 26.

The broadcaster was unable to provide Ofcom with a review copy of the programme in question because of "problems with its logging system". Condition 11 of a Television Licensable Content Service license requires the broadcaster to keep recordings of all output for 60 days after transmission, providing Ofcom with any material on request.

"Failure to supply these recordings is a serious and significant breach of the broadcaster's license," the regulator noted. "This [incident] will be held on record."

The Hits RadioEdit

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